the weekly hike

A few of my favorite instagrammers all posted a similar photo within a week of each other and I've had wildflowers and the great outdoors on the brain ever since.  Living in the pacific northwest allows for some great adventures all year round and sometimes you just need to get away from it all.  You know the regular stuff like traffic, deadlines, emails, weird strangers or whatever it is that drives you bonkers.  I dream of days when I can get lost, explore new to me places and pick a handful of flowers.  

Since there can be so many go/see/do options out there,  I've been trying to narrow down my list and a few things that have helped out is our state travel website and an online searchable hiking guide*.  I know that getting away can be hard, but with a little bit of planning or at least some good resources you can start making your own "places to pick wildflowers" list too.  I tend to often hit up the same spots because they are popular, never a disappointment and pretty accessible to us city folk, but I feel the need to get out of my comfort zone... a need to get lost.  I'm starting a little personal project tomorrow called the weekly hike, where I'm challenging myself to go on one hike per week for the rest of the year.  It will get me out of the house, keep me active (besides just walks/jogs around my neighborhood and I get to see the great outdoors.  Doesn't sound like much of a challenge, huh?  I'll be sharing them on instagram (#theweeklyhikes) and will try to do some recaps here, but if you want to play along- use that hashtag and share your adventures too! 

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focus on the good

I've been a bit m.i.a the last few weeks as I prep to launch my new shop.  I'm excited for this, but totally terrified at the same time.  If you have followed for a while you might remember a few of my past ventures with JustLove.lyFawn & Flora and LoveClub- all amazing and successful businesses that each ran their course.  Having started these businesses when there weren't many of the same thing, brought on great success and quick growth- along with amazing opportunities (having my stuff in magazines & tv shows! what??), but that all makes this time around scary- because there are a dime a dozen shops popping up everyday and I somehow need to stand out... on second thought, do I?  Of course I want the shop to do good, I'd be lying if I said otherwise, but at the end of the day I want to know that I stayed true to myself and put something out in the world that I was proud of.  I'm trying to give my all in focusing on the good with practicing patience, staying passionate and being able to follow my dreams (for almost a decade now) through creative self-employment.  Even if the path has changed from hairstylist to photographer, accessories designer, subscription box creator to paper supply shop owner- and now this.  One thing must remain, passion.  When it runs dry, I move on and this is where I have found myself.

I have nourished this new project with time and I haven't rushed into launching.   At times I've maybe taken almost too long with it, but  I've only been producing items I'm truly 100% confident about, while trying not to get too distracted by other peoples designs & success.  Knowing I can only define my own.  I'm excited to share what I've been up to, but can give you a little hint that its definitely aimed more at home life.  Decor, fiber art, candles, prints, plant holders, etc... The official launch date hasn't come to mind, but it will be in August.  I'll try to post more behind the scenes and sneak peeks here, in the mean time follow along on instagram if you aren't already!


summer do's


dip my toes in the river
eat as many sno-cones as i can
take time to enjoy the sunsets
unplug more often
light a sparkler even if it isn't 4th of july
go to a concert in the park
make a summer road trip playlist
lay out a blanket and read a book
make a salad from my own garden
drive with the windows down 
keep working on my 33 wishes
watch the sunrise.. really watch it
and anything else i can fit in

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