my january

The first month of 2013 is just about over (what?! how?!) and one of the greatest things about the time we live in, is being able to capture and share it all.  Last night I was telling my mom something along the lines of trying to be in the moment rather than making one.  It got me thinking that all the little moments all day that seem like nothing much, really do add up to something good.  

I've been slowly trying to climb out of that rut I was in and today a combination of things really helped out and encouraged me to reflect on how lucky we are to live this life.    
January wasn't the most amazing month of my life, but it wasn't that bad either.  Here are a few things that made it the first month of my 2013.

How was your January?


  1. Oh I am in love the Halls (with Pep Talk on them)
    and I love your January recap pictures. Also, what type of planner is in that picture above?


  2. Oh and are those Valentine's day love cards? I was planning on sending out V-day cards this year. You should do a post on that. It would be nice to see how others go about valentine's Day.


  3. Honestly? I can't really remember January! It has flown by. Between working as a nanny, to being a wife and mom, to trying to get my business off on a good note.. OH and don't get me started on packing (we are moving to a bigger place next month)... I will finally be able to breathe after Feb 14, our move date.. I know. Romantic, right?

  4. those cards are so cute! and I'm definitely hitting up fawn & flora for some washi tape when i'm home in canada. heeeeeck yes!

  5. january = too fast. but i could be down for some warmer weather.

  6. Ugh, way too much freezing. I need at least 30 degrees please.

  7. oh, Heather, just like my life this January! Work, plans, schedules, some treasure hunts, more work, Starbucks hahah Love your header, by the way!

  8. You have such a fun and busy life, mine is really boring :( hope all goes well with the house hunting!


  9. Wow, you had a very busy and fun month. I hope Feb. brings you all sorts of wonderful things. :)


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