I've been self-employed for most of my adult career.  I've been a salon owner, hairstylist, photographer, online shop owner, designer and blogger.  Its who I am and what I know.  Working with other self-employed small business owners is where I feel most comfortable and how I like to share authentic brands with my audience, as I only work with those I believe in.  My hope is that we can work together to share your story and help you achieve what you define as success.

Currently ads are featured on the sidebar only, but I offer other opportunities along with the ad space if we can partner together in a way that stays cohesive with my own lifestyle and what my readers are accustomed to seeing here.  Other opportunities include- blog features, social media sharing, reviews and giveaways.

STATS AS OF 01/01/2014
Blog: 12,119 (gfc, rss, bloglovin, hellocotton, feedly, email)
Facebook:  10,498
Twitter: 5,732
Pinterest: 3,540
Instagram: 7,921

Averaging 143,000 page views a month, 4,700 visits a day with 1,500 unique daily visits.

Advertising Policies-
All ads are subject to approval.  Unless an ad is rejected, please note refunds are not offered after the ad or giveaway has been initiated.  Please purchase with the intent of following through on communication (via email) and providing all essential items requested for sidebar placement or giveaway promotions.  Heather Smith and Aspen Summit, LLC are not responsible for traffic generated if the item promoted is not well received by the given audience.  All partnerships are considered authentic as the only ones approved are those I feel fit the style of my blog and life.  Although paid placement links are occasionally used, all opinions are my own and aid in the awesomeness I can provide in content to keep this little blog running! xo